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Ambasi Dive Liveaboard


The Phinisi Ambasi will take you through the course of the Komodo waters, the seas between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

After seven years of sailing throughout the Eastern Indonesia waters (including Sulawesi, Molucas and Papua) five years ago the MSV Phinisi Ambasi settled down in the Komodo waters with the prolific underwater life and above a beautiful nature of the surrounding islands. The cruises “beyond Bali” have since been concentrated in the most exquisite dive-areas of Komodo. Our 12 years experience with the Phinisi Ambasi in the eastern Indonesia maritime guarantee a professional, relaxed and friendly operation on our cruises.

Private Charters
The size of the vessel is relatively small (23m x 6m), which is suitable to accommodate a limited number of passengers. Therefore, we can guarantee privacy on board. The MSV Phinisi Ambasi has 4 air-conditioned cabins, each cabin has a private toilet/cold and hot shower. It is now possible to “own” the boat for e.g. 7 days for your private use with your family or your close friends, so that you enjoy privacy and enchantment during your journey!! The professional crew, which has experience for 12 consecutive years, will guarantee a safe and enjoyable cruise on our vessel.

Diving Cruises
For the live-aboard diving cruises, we provide on board two Bauer compressors, 18 tanks, 150 kg weights and belts. On request we also provide other diving-equipments, such as BCD, wet-suits, regulators, fins, etc.

Most of our dives will be done from the MSV Phinisi Ambasi. Divers prepare for the dives on deck (put on their wet-suits, BCD etc) and descend from the boat into the water. Under the leadership of the dive-guide (who will brief you on deck before getting into the water), you are going to dive in one of the most amazing dive sites of the world. The motorized dinghy will be stand-by above the divers during the dive for immediate assistance.

The crystal-clear water is excellent for diving. Fish live is both bountiful and diverse, with reef fish and frequent visits by rays, tuna and jacks. Komodo harbors some of the most immaculate and riches coral reefs on the planet. The reefs boast a variety of invertebrates, more than 1,000 species of fish and 250 species of reef-building corrals and new species are constantly being discovered. In short, there is a profusion of colorful reefs, an enormous variety of corals, beautiful anemones and innumerable rare fish creating an enchanting underwater world, which is so fascinating each time anew.

After the dive, when you are on the surface again, the BCD and tanks can be put in the dinghy and you can swim to the MSV Phinisi Ambasi, which is also stand-by near the dive-spot climb the stairs aboard the vessel.

Leisure Cruises
Leisure cruises in the surrounding of the waters of Komodo will be a very an extraordinary experience. Beside the giant Lizards and other unusual animal in the island, you can snorkel in the crystal clear water.When the boat has dropped the anchor, it is a spectacular sensation to take a dip in the appealing sea. One of the well-known snorkel-spots is Pantai Merah (Pink Beach), where you imagine yourself being within an aquarium. Between the snorkel sessions, you can have a sunbath in the beach or play soccer with the crew.

Sea voyages between the islands seem now and then very much like expeditions “Cousteau’s way”. Many times our ship is accompanied by dolphins, sometimes even a manta ray or a whale. The fish that have been bought t the pasar-ikan (fish market) early in the day is for barbecue in the evening, which will take place somewhere in a quiet beach. Sometimes you can even enjoy the fish that had been caught during the sea voyage.

General Data
Type : Buginese schooner (phinisi)
Bulding Year : 1998
Wood Sorts : Ironwood and teakwood
Shipyard : Sungai Danau in South Kalimantan
Length : 23 m
Width : 6 m
Draft : 2 m
Engine : Yanmar 4 CH 83 HP
Speed : 6 knotts
Total Sailsurface : 70 M2
2 Generators : Mitsubishi 220 Volts 24 hours
Fresh water : 10 tons

2 Bauer compressors, 18 tanks, 150 kg weight, 2 dinghy’s + outboard engines, snorkeling- and fishing gear.

Navigation equipments
Radar, Compass, GPS, depth-sounder, SSB radio, VHF radio, Satelite telephone.

Lower deck
3 DBL + 1 TWN airconditioned cabins with each a toilet and shower (hot/cold).

Upper deck
A Lounge with dining corner, a covered- and a sun-deck.

Safety equipment
2 safeguard rafts
25 life jackets
2 life-rafts (6 pers. and 8 pers.)
4 lifebuoys
4 fire extinguishers
fire-hose on deck
distress signals
first aid equipment


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